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Solugel Woundcare Gel 50g

Solugel Woundcare Gel 50g

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Solugel Wound Care Gel 50g: Versatile Healing for Various Skin Conditions

Discover the healing power of Solugel Wound Care Gel, a multipurpose gel designed to provide relief and aid in the recovery of minor burns and scalds, insect bites and stings, chronic ulcerative wounds, sunburn, chickenpox, cuts and grazes, and shingles. With its nourishing properties, Solugel helps nurse your skin back to health.

Key Features:

  1. Soothing and rehydrating: Solugel Wound Care Gel is a clear hydrogel that soothes and rehydrates the skin, reducing pain and discomfort. It creates a moist environment, which has been shown to promote natural healing.
  2. Versatile application: Apply Solugel Wound Care Gel liberally to the affected area after appropriate first aid measures, ensuring complete coverage. For chronic ulcerative wounds, it helps create an optimal healing environment by enhancing cell survival and eliminating dead tissue.
  3. Cooling and pain relief: Solugel provides relief for sunburns by cooling the red, painful skin and easing the discomfort. It also helps hydrate the skin, creating a soothing and moist environment.
  4. Prevents scab formation: When applied to minor cuts and scratches, Solugel rapidly cools the skin, soothing pain and preventing scab formation. This reduces tightness, stiffness, and the likelihood of scarring.
  5. High-quality ingredients: Solugel Wound Care Gel contains propylene glycol (25% w/w), sodium chloride (0.6% w/w), propyl hydroxybenzoate (0.04% w/w), and methyl hydroxybenzoate (0.1% w/w) to support its healing properties.
  6. Directions for use: Apply Solugel Wound Care Gel to the affected area, ensuring complete coverage. For optimal results, cover the wound with a non-adhering dressing and change it daily. Reapply Solugel Wound Care Gel as directed by a healthcare professional. Avoid allowing the gel to dry out. For sunburn, large areas may be left uncovered or covered with loose clothing.
  7. Essential first aid kit component: Made in Australia, Solugel Wound Care Gel is an essential part of every first aid kit, providing versatile care for various skin conditions.

Experience the versatile healing benefits of Solugel Wound Care Gel. From minor burns to chronic ulcerative wounds, Solugel is your trusted companion for effective and soothing skin care.

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