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Scissors [Black Handle]

Scissors [Black Handle]

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Black Handled Trauma Scissors - 19cm Blunt End with Serrated Lower Blade

The Black Handled Trauma Scissors are essential tools for medical professionals and first responders. With a length of 19cm, these scissors feature an ergonomic handle design, providing comfort and ease of use during critical situations. The blunt end and serrated lower blade enhance their functionality for various applications. Additionally, these scissors are autoclavable, making them suitable for sterilization at temperatures up to 143°C.

Key Features:

  1. Ergonomic Handle Design: The black handles are ergonomically designed to ensure a comfortable grip and reduce hand fatigue during prolonged use.
  2. Reliable and Durable: These trauma scissors are made with high-quality stainless steel, ensuring their reliability and durability in demanding situations.
  3. Blunt End Design: The blunt end of the scissors helps prevent accidental injuries while providing a safe and controlled cutting experience.
  4. Serrated Lower Blade: The lower blade of the scissors is serrated, allowing for enhanced grip and cutting efficiency when dealing with tough materials such as clothing or bandages.
  5. Autoclavable: These scissors can be safely autoclaved at temperatures up to 143°C, ensuring proper sterilization for infection control.

Usage Tips:

  1. Handle the trauma scissors with care, considering their sharp blades.
  2. Use the blunt end to prevent unintentional injuries while cutting through materials.
  3. The serrated lower blade provides enhanced grip and cutting power for tougher materials.
  4. Clean and autoclave the scissors following appropriate protocols for proper sterilization.

Note: The Black Handled Trauma Scissors are intended for use by medical professionals, first responders, or individuals with proper training in emergency medical procedures. Always follow appropriate protocols and seek medical advice when dealing with injuries or medical conditions.

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