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Orfit Soft Mini Perforated 3.2mm

Orfit Soft Mini Perforated 3.2mm

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Orfit Soft Mini / Perforated 3.2mm - Flexible and Easy-to-Use Orthotic Material

The Orfit Soft Mini / Perforated 3.2mm is a versatile and user-friendly orthotic material that offers maximum drape for creating intricate shapes and contours. Whether you're a healthcare professional or an individual seeking orthotic solutions, this product provides excellent flexibility and adaptability.

Key Features:

  1. Maximum drape: The material is highly pliable, allowing for easy shaping and molding to fit individual needs. It can be manipulated to create precise and intricate orthotic designs.
  2. 100% memory: The material has excellent shape memory, meaning it retains its shape even after repeated heating and repositioning. This feature enables optimal positioning and customization.
  3. Transparent when heated: When heated, the material becomes transparent, making it easy to determine the right time for shaping and application.


  1. Versatile applications: The Orfit Soft Mini / Perforated 3.2mm can be used for a wide range of orthotic purposes, including hand splints, finger splints, and other customized orthoses.
  2. Easy repositioning: If adjustments are necessary, the material can be reheated and remolded multiple times without compromising its integrity or functionality.
  3. Comfortable and breathable: The perforated design allows for better ventilation and air circulation, enhancing patient comfort during prolonged wear.


  1. Heat and shape: Use a heat source to soften the material, allowing it to become pliable. Shape it according to the desired orthotic design or individual requirements.
  2. Apply and secure: Once shaped, apply the orthosis to the target area and secure it in place using appropriate strapping or fastening methods.
  3. Reheat for adjustments: If further adjustments are needed, simply reheat the material and reshape it as required.

Note: The Orfit Soft Mini / Perforated 3.2mm is intended for use by trained professionals or under their guidance. Follow proper heating and application techniques for optimal results and patient comfort.

 (1 sheet 2700 cm2) = 6 units

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