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Orfit Soft Micro Perforated 2mm

Orfit Soft Micro Perforated 2mm

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Orfit Soft Micro Perforated 2mm - Flexible and Versatile Orthotic Material

The Orfit Soft Micro Perforated 2mm is a high-quality orthotic material that offers maximum flexibility and adaptability. Whether you're a healthcare professional or an individual seeking orthotic solutions, this product provides excellent drape for creating precise shapes and contours.

Key Features:

  1. Maximum drape: The material is extremely pliable, allowing for easy shaping and molding to fit unique requirements. It can be formed into intricate designs for optimal customization.
  2. 100% memory: The material has exceptional shape memory, meaning it retains its shape even after repeated heating and repositioning. This feature allows for fine adjustments and optimal positioning.
  3. Transparent when heated: When heated, the material turns transparent, indicating that it is ready to be shaped and applied. This visual cue simplifies the process and ensures accurate usage.


  1. Versatile applications: The Orfit Soft Micro Perforated 2mm can be used for various orthotic purposes, including splints, braces, and other customized orthoses. Its flexibility makes it suitable for different body parts and conditions.
  2. Easy repositioning: If modifications are necessary, the material can be reheated and reshaped as needed without compromising its integrity or functionality.
  3. Comfort and breathability: The micro-perforated design promotes airflow and ventilation, enhancing patient comfort during extended wear.


  1. Heat and shape: Apply heat to soften the material, making it pliable. Shape it according to the desired orthotic design or individual needs.
  2. Apply and secure: Once shaped, apply the orthosis to the target area and secure it in place using appropriate strapping or fastening methods.
  3. Reheat for adjustments: If further adjustments are required, simply reheat the material and reshape it as necessary.

Note: The Orfit Soft Micro Perforated 2mm is intended for use by trained professionals or under their guidance. Follow proper heating and application techniques for optimal results and patient comfort.

Price is per 20cm2.

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