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MediPro Sports Tape

Medisio K-Tape 50mm x 5m [4 way Stretch]

Medisio K-Tape 50mm x 5m [4 way Stretch]

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Medisio kinesiology tape - The Ultimate Kinesiology Tape for Optimal Support and Performance 5cm x 5m (4 way stretch)

Medisio kinesiology tape facilitates the body’s natural healing process, and therefore the body is able to be treated from the outside in.
Also stabilises muscles and joints without hindering their range of motion. Helps prevent muscle fatigue and cramps. Aids in recovery by assisting lymphatic drainage.

Medisio k-Tape is the go-to choice for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and individuals seeking reliable support and pain relief. With its 4-way stretch Rayon construction and advanced adhesive formula, this tape offers unbeatable value and long-lasting performance. Say goodbye to tapes that peel easily during intense workouts.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Latest Waterproof: Experience the power of Macure Tape's waterproof adhesive formula, approved by FDA and CE. It stimulates hypertonicity and aids lymphatic drainage, promoting faster recovery and enhanced performance.

  2. Versatile Support for All:  Macure Tape provides day-to-day support to help you excel. Tested by users, its benefits are instantly noticeable.

  3. 100% Money Back Guarantee: We stand behind the quality of Macure Tape. If you're not fully satisfied, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Avoid falling for cheap imitations and choose the best for your needs.

  4. Effective Management of Various Conditions: Macure Tape effectively manages peroneal tendonitis, supports torn ACLs and dislocated patellas, and helps alleviate back pain and chronic muscular conditions. It also relieves foot tendon pain and creates neuromuscular feedback for enhanced muscle and tendon function.

  5. With its 4-way stretch Rayon fabric, it molds to your body, reduces plantar fasciitis discomfort, and prevents blisters. The synthetic cover and expanded elastic core make it extra-light, durable, and incredibly strong. Its unique 4-way mesh compression promotes circulation and matches the elasticity of human skin by providing 160% stretch.

  6. Skin-Friendly and Residue-Free: Macure Tape is painless to apply, soft, and breathable. It leaves no sticky residue, ensuring a comfortable experience. To prevent skin irritation, follow our top tips, such as applying the tape at least 30 minutes before activity and ensuring the skin is clean and dry.


  • Comfortable substrate for optimal wearability
  • Full range of motion for unrestricted movement
  • Soft and breathable material for enhanced comfort
  • Consistent compression to support muscles and joints without cutting circulation
  • Stable stretch and reliable stickiness for long-lasting performance


  • Supporting bandages for muscles during physical activities
  • Assisting lymphatic drainage for improved recovery
  • Activating the body's natural pain relief systems
  • Correcting joint problems for enhanced stability

Choose Medisio K-Tape for superior support, pain relief, and performance.

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