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Gauze Swab 10cm x 10cm [Pack 100]

Gauze Swab 10cm x 10cm [Pack 100]

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Gauze Swabs 10cm x 10cm (100/pack) - Non-Sterile

Our Gauze Swabs are a versatile and essential addition to any first aid kit or medical supplies. Each pack contains 100 non-sterile swabs, measuring 10cm x 10cm, providing you with an ample supply for various applications.

Key Features:

  1. High-quality gauze: Made from soft and absorbent material, these swabs are designed to effectively handle wound care, cleaning, and other medical procedures.
  2. Non-sterile: These gauze swabs are non-sterile, making them suitable for general purposes that do not require sterile conditions.
  3. Convenient pack size: Each pack contains 100 swabs, ensuring an abundant supply to meet your needs.


  1. Versatile use: These gauze swabs can be used for wound dressing, applying antiseptics, cleaning wounds, and general healthcare purposes.
  2. Soft and gentle: The gentle texture of the gauze ensures a comfortable experience for the patient while effectively absorbing fluids and preventing infection.
  3. Easy to handle: With a convenient size of 10cm x 10cm, these swabs are easy to handle and can be easily folded or cut to fit the desired application.


  1. Use for wound care: Clean the wound area with an appropriate antiseptic solution, then apply the gauze swab to cover the wound.
  2. Cleaning and applying medications: Use the gauze swabs to clean wounds, apply medications, or remove excess fluids or debris from the affected area.
  3. General healthcare purposes: These swabs can also be used for general cleaning, applying ointments, or as a protective barrier between the skin and other materials.

Note: These gauze swabs are non-sterile and should not be used for sterile procedures or on open wounds that require sterile conditions. Always seek medical advice for severe or infected wounds.

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